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Jennifer Barnes in Nature

Hello! My name is Jennifer Barnes. Thank you for being here. My journey started about 10 years ago when I encountered a major challenge in my life. I turned to Shamanic Energy Healing to help me deal with the emotional pain. This healing sparked an interest in me to learn more and more about meditation and Reiki. I started meditating monthly with a wonderful group. This led to becoming certified in Reiki 1 and Reiki 2. After several sessions of Shamanic Healing, I realized I was being called to study it. This yearlong study gave me an opportunity to learn another way to help others and myself. 

In fall of 2021, I heard a call to take my meditation to the next level. I enrolled in Level 1

Peter Hess Sound Massage to learn more about the vibrational bowls. WOW! I was hooked!  Initially, I intended to only take this class for myself, but after the first one I felt the urge to become certified because I had to share this wonderful experience with others.   


I am so grateful and blessed to be on this journey and to have this opportunity to share these healing practices with others.
Blessings of joy to you!

hummingbird and plant
jennifer barnes


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